Review – Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria

I haven’t really been using my blog. Most of the time I don’t really know what would be worth putting into writing. I tend to review some of the JRPGs I play on Steam, so I decided to copy them on here (I’ll space them out over a period of time for now).

This is a great game that kicks nostalgia into overdrive.

The game is a little short but still manages to deliver a satisfying story. The first chapter is the meat and potatos of the game while Chapter 2 & 3 add other perpective to the story but are much shorter. The fourth chapter, or the intermission, is more of a joke chapter that can be skipped.

This game follows the jRPG formula to a T. If you don’t like jRPGs you probably won’t like this game but if you love jRPGs then you should love this one as well. It doesn’t try to be unique and then lack to deliver, it tries to be exactly what it is: a classic.

The only negative thing I can stay about this game is that the short chapters leave you wanting more. They are ended abruptly and don’t feel like they have been concluded.

You can view my playthrough of the game here: