I’m a gamer born in the 80s who enjoys classic games. RPGs are my favourite but I’ve been known to dabble into other genres as well.

In my opinion the SNES era was the best RPG era, while nostalgia plays a factor, the limits placed on developers really forced them to be specific in their efforts. While 3D graphics are getting better and better, they don’t tend to age as well as pixel art!

Final Fantasy 4 had a small colour palette and characters that fit within 16 by 16 pixels — this limit in details forced the player to fill in the gaps with their imagination. While this is definitely a “back in my day” gramps moment, I do feel that modern games tend to spoon feed us.

I decided to start my Let’s Play channel because I found myself having less time to game. When I did find the time, I felt guilty for doing something that is rather unproductive. Creating these videos circumvents that feeling and it also lets me enjoy games like when I used to sit on my couch and just binge with a friend.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!